Drawings – 32 WNW

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I am in the midst of having the old carriage house that was used as my personal museum completely emptied of 50 years worth of collecting assemblage supplies and all the art works from the walls and floor removed as well. Continue reading

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WNW Drawings – 31

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Hectic times around here lately. Continue reading

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DWN – 30 The Legacy of Ghostgirl’s Shadow #3



The Legacy of Ghost Girl’s Shadow #3

I keep finding rich and fertile territory to explore with the assistance of GhostGirl’s Shadow. Had to share this one. It is all the imagemaking I have been able to do of late.

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Drawings Gallery 29

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This gallery contains a very diverse selection of work from the WN (White Noise) Journals. Continue reading

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Digital Decalcomania Proof #1

decalco-gg-legacy_proof-1 Artist’s Proof No.1: The Legacy of Ghost Girl’s Shadow #2[/caption]

Here is the latest version of my current digital decalcomania painting: Artist’s Proof No.1: The Legacy of Ghost Girl’s Shadow #2. Click on the image to see a larger version and discover more of the almost countless figures and faces.

This image was created using a digital photo of an old discarded oil painting on masonite that had been left on our fence behind a huge quince bush for at least 15 years. Maybe longer. It was recently re-discovered and photographed.

In Photoshop I selected heavily feathered sections of the decalcomania texture and used them to fill a large document in Corel Painter 2016. The rest was just a relaxed journey through the rich surface looking for anything my brain recognized: an eye, a pair of lips, a face, a beard, an elbow, etc. I then would nudge those found fragments as little as possible by covering some of the content around them or re-painting its surface to make it easy for viewers to see what had caught my eye. Always at the cost of destroying other hidden treasures in the process. Great fun, but also just a tad stressful.

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DWN-28, Digital White Noise

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More Digital White Noise drawings about the face and/or the figure. Continue reading

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Next Digital Decalcomania – Part 2

Another sneak preview of my current work in progress. This time I selected the upper right corner. I am using Corel Painter 2016 and Photoshop CS6 along with a Wacom tablet and stylus.

This project will result in another digital painting that will generate a print 11.25″ x 17.25.”

If I can tear myself away from it long enough to put together another Blog gallery of older digital drawings, I will do so. I still have quite a few to share. But, this painting is very engrossing and entire days slip by before I realize what time it is. I keep diving deeper and deeper into ever-finer layers of detail that need just a bit of nudging or announcing. I often find myself working at 200% magnification so I can more finely tweak things. Meanwhile my right eye is steadily becoming a good candidate for cataract surgery. That should make things even more interesting.


Close-up of upper-right corner of current untitled work-in-progress.

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