Nada Monster


Nada Monster in an Abstract Landscape

Click on the image above for a larger version.

This digital decalcomania is the most recent one that is built on a montage of fragments from a painting on masonite titled Ghost Girl’s Legacy. I began that painting in 1992 and after struggling with it I decided to abandon it.

I hung it on our south fence behind a large quince bush and forgot it about for almost 25 years. After a pruning, the quince bush let the old painting peek out at me. I was struck right away with how beautiful it was… so full of potential. I took many digital photos of it that I have used numerous times to build the decalcomania layer in my digital paintings.

It is a very rich resource that quickly prods my mind for imaginings. I always need to paint what I have not seen before, yet this old recycled decalcomania resource has proved to excite my eyes every time it shows up. It feels like it is brand new.

About bobcomings

Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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2 Responses to Nada Monster

  1. Judy Hope says:

    This one is so dense with triggers. It was interesting to toggle between the small and large onscreen versions. Made me aware of the potential image “size” when digital and that this potential is only relative to our human capacity to view it. Maybe. I like the rediscovery story and how you are scavenging components to repurpose in your digital work. Are there evidences of decay? The faces especially with bared teeth have such a menacing nature. I can relate.

  2. bobcomings says:

    Wow! it is great to know that somebody is actually taking the time out of their day to really see the works. Reason enough to keeping making art. Thanks.

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