My purpose in starting this blog is to share my work and ideas with anyone who might be interested and to connect with people experimenting with sound and music as well as visual art.

For the past few years I have been focused on sound experiments primarily working with the Native Instruments Komplete, Ableton Live, and SoundForge. Many learning curves to negotiate, but I do so with great glee.

Second on my list of interests has been video collage and animation. For the past four years most of my creative time has been gobbled up by the above learning curves and experiments with sound, but video and animation are always beckoning. I especially enjoy combining my own video, animation, and sound in the same work and will be posting some early examples here.

In April of 2011 I resumed working with digital drawing and painting after finding a way around some physical impediments that were keeping me from being able to do any drawing or painting either with traditional or digital media. I will be presenting examples in future posts of my experiments with Photoshop and Painter as my skills set gets up to speed.

This blog is also intended as a place for my alter egos, Boc Ging and Tink N. Putter, to be presented via artworks, sound, and video experiments, as well as via discussions about and links to NFMOA: Nada Farm Museum of Archetypes, the 350+ page website I built in the 90’s. Even though my web skills were rather crude back then, that site contains a lot of fun and interesting material. Much of the original content had been offline for a few years. As of 2011, it has all been fully restored.

3 Responses to About

  1. Paula Kulas says:

    I teach art lessons at a local library and was interested in using the image on the top of your home page for one of the lessons. It won’t be copied exactly or sold by anyone. The lesson would be on shapes and color. I couldn’t find a way to contact you other than this.
    Thank you,
    Paula Kulas

    • tputter says:

      hello Paula,
      thanks for your interest and for asking permission to use my work for educational purposes.
      please feel free to use it and best wishes for success with your students.

      may I ask where you are located? I am always curious to know where my work is of interest to others.


      • Paula Kulas says:

        Hi Bob,
        Thank you for permission to use your work for educational purposes. Your work is really beautiful and I appreciate being able to use it.
        I am located in Peabody, Massachusetts and the program will be offered at the main library. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it.
        Thank you,

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