Another Digital Decalcomania Painting

Decalco Pine Foliage: People & Places

detail: "Decalco Pine Foliage: People and Places"

detail: "Decalco Pine Foliage People and Places", June 2011

When I was able to start making marks and images again, I was delighted to realize that this time I was welcoming anything that arose in my mind as I looked at and worked with the random source images… my internal censor is definitely taking a break. For technical explanations of how I make these images, see the previous post.

detail: Decalco Pine Foliage People and Places

another detail from : 'Decalco Pine Foliage People and Places'

The words “Decalco Pine Foliage” in the title refer to the random image (a photo of pine boughs) used as inspiration for this piece.

The following detail showcases a caricature of William Burroughs that arrived by surprise in the painting:

detail: "Decalco Pine Foliage" (William Burroughs Pays a Visit)

detail: "Decalco Pine Foliage" (William Burroughs Pays a Visit)

The completed painting is presented below:

Decaldo Pine Foliage People and Places

"Decalco Pine Foliage People and Places", June 2011

A few more works from this series will be posted soon. Then I plan to dive into creating more digital decalco. It is SO much fun to use these tools and processes.

I have a already prepared some sound and sound generator posts that are just about ready to offer. They will be filling this space while I am busy working with digital decalcomania.

About bobcomings

Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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3 Responses to Another Digital Decalcomania Painting

  1. Judy Hope says:

    Wow, this really looks like a joyful purge, a draw-as-fast-as-you-can Peter Bruegel/Heronymous Boschesque free-for-all. I love the hint of your old signature but with new invention at every turn. It makes me think of lying in bed finding faces and objects in the drywall texture. Such an intriguing take-off point for new work.

  2. tputter says:

    Thanks for your comments! You reminded me of the countless hours I spent as a child lying on my bed looking at the drywall textures on the ceilings and walls! It is exactly the same kind of fun… a visual treasure hunt.

  3. Hank Sultan says:

    This is very good and continues the twisted seriously far out methods of your past. I look forward to more of these images appearing in the electronic wonderland…….HANK

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