Glass Beach Drawing: The Last Detail

Detail #3: Glass Beach Decalcomania

Detail #3: Glass Beach Decalcomania

I promise. This is the last in the series of enlarged details from the Glass Beach decalcomania drawing. When I post the image of the complete and very detailed  composition at the rather small size needed to fit here, you will understand why I felt compelled to share a few closeups first.

The interesting news on my decalcomania front is that there is only one more grayscale drawing left to share and I am not sure I am going to post it. It will be titled “Into Possum Cave” or “In Possum’s Cavern.” When I finished it yesterday, I realized that it is of a much higher or more intense degree of “strange” compared to what I have shown here so far. At the very least I will show you at least one enlarged section from it.

The other news is that upon completing the Possum Cave drawing, I found that I simply had no more interest in doing yet another grayscale digital decalcomania drawing. After an entire day of experiments creating new random resource images and carefully reviewing all my previous random image resources for possible encores, I landed on a random image I had prepared and set aside many months ago. It is comprised of many splotches, blobs, streaks, and fields of colors. I had set it aside because I did not think I could successfully apply my decalcomania methods to an image full of many diverse colors.

It is one thing to smear adjacent grays of differing levels of darkness into each other, but to smear a turquoise into a maroon, a pale purple into a warm ochre? So, I tested a small section to see what might happen.


I was not sure my decalcomania method would work well with a multi-colored random image source. After doing this very small test and seeing how the colors responded to my methods, I decided to go ahead with it. In this vignette, the character is listening to sounds!

I liked the result. This new project is presenting a wonderful set of challenges as well as creative opportunities. It also is going to take me a very long time to complete.

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Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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