A Bird In The Wood

Warning: turn your speakers down a bit before clicking on the following link:

A Bird in The Wood

It is a VERY short animation. One of many I am creating in a variety of drawing styles as I teach myself what animation is about.  It often feels like groping in the dark and I am reminded every day just how much discipline and effort is required to create hand-drawn, frame-by-frame traditional animation.

This one was drawn without any concern for creating beautiful lines or shapes. Since I have no choice but to draw with my forearm in constant contact with the arm of my chair, and all my drawing motion is generated only by my wrist and fingers, I take what I can get and continue to seek methods for improving the resulting technique and perhaps eventually even discovering how to transcend the limitations.

Recalling what I have written about Flaws Theory in the Nada Farm website, and how I have applied Flaws Theory to paintings, drawings, and sculptures over the past 40+ years, I am making the effort to “celebrate the flaws” in my interface with animation software and “embrace my own ugliness.” This rather silly animation is an example.

About bobcomings

Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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  1. The lines have a charm to them!

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