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a low-relief sculpture of a dream image recorded in Bolinas, CA in 1968.

The Face of the I Ching about to speak the One Word of Truth

I was delighted to be greeted with an email from Tanya Zimbardo, Assistant Curator of Media Arts, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this morning informing me that the poster I created to announce my 1968 show Ritual at the Unicorn Gallery in San Francisco is currently featured “… in a recent image-based post on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art blog Open Space as part of a series based on artists’ ephemera from the SFMOMA Library.”

For more information about that show, check out my entries in the Musical Instruments category and in the Sound category.

To find myself displayed in the company of some of my longtime heros and sheros in sound exploration (I listen to the work of the late Maryanne Amacher almost daily), lifts my spirits and encourages me to continue my audio journeys. You can learn more about Amacher’s amazing body of work at a web site currently in the process of development or via Wikipedia.  You can hear some of the rare recordings of her work at WFMU.org

Footnote: “Nothing is worth listening to.” This statement just popped into my head and will be added to the Nadatorium as soon as possible.

About bobcomings

Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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6 Responses to SFMOMA Artist’s Ephemera Blog

  1. Susan Gilbert says:

    Hello Bob, That’s really exciting! And well deserved. I really like that poster. And congratulations on being in such good company. I read a bit about that musician, fascinating stuff. Très Bien. – Susan

    zig’s zig zag sig /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

  2. Linda says:

    Hi —-this is so cool. So, your work from the past was featured on their blog. Wow bob, that is so neat. Joyce and Arnold are right in there.

    (Editor’s note: Joyce and Arnold Bernhardt were the owners of the Unicorn Gallery. Their small portraits grace the center of the poster for the “Ritual” show.)

  3. Fred says:

    Hey Bob – This is so cool that your historic show at Unicorn is archived by SFMoMA !

    I have a pleasant fuzzy-stoned memory of the great vibes at your opening…a mere 44 years ago.

    Keep on keepin on old art buddy; the spark is still alive.

    Fred http://www.fredericksmithstudio.com

  4. Henry Sultan says:

    Went to the Cal Berkeley Museum to see the The Barry McGee retro. What I must tell you about was an artspeak sign on the wall describing Mr. McGee’s found objects and memorabilia in plastic cases; “…discovered a new way to display ephemera in vitrines,…” So this is the second time this week I have run into the word EPHEMERA. Of course congratulations, you deserve it…..HANK


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