Dada Clockworks No. 4: Unresolved Conflicts

Another short animation study consisting of absurd actions that provide me with an excuse to build a sound track.

The background in this one is a portion of a photo I took in Tillamook, Oregon several years ago. It had rained just before we got there. Everything was wet and clean. The downtown area had several blank spaces on the street where a large building had been completely removed except for its concrete floors and sometimes a bit of perimeter foundation.  Its old neighbors, unharmed, remain standing with their usually inaccessible exterior walls bared for all to see.

I am immediately in a state of ecstasy when I see walls like these. They are visual poetry, perfect abstract expressionism. Dada excellence. I could have stayed there all day.

About bobcomings

Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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3 Responses to Dada Clockworks No. 4: Unresolved Conflicts

  1. Susan Gilbert says:

    Another amazing little visual and audio delight! I love the mouth and eye interconnections. I just looked at all the older ones again too, and also saw your messages which I hadn’t known were there. The new alto kalimba sound is quite nice. But the Clockworks #3 just has a note saying the video does not exist?
    I also love to look at the picture at the top of your blog, a painting that is one of my favorites. This is just part of it, isn’t it? I would love to have a digital file of the whole thing if you had one and wouldn’t mind sending it? Maybe?
    Your drought sounds very serious, as here we continue to wallow in daily snow, so much that it’s hard not to laugh in disbelief. First thing in the morning we always look out the window to see how much new snow is on the car. But I really hope you get some rain soon, or maybe you have already?
    Anyway thanks for posting all these wonderful things! –Susan

    • tputter says:

      Hi zig,Thanks for the heads up on “Dada Clockworks No.3.” I just corrected the error. You can always go to my YouTube channel to see almost all of my videos: am glad you like The Forest Painting. It is obviously one of my favorites too. I will send you a hi-res copy of the full image some time soon. Flattery will usually get you wherever you want to go (at least with me).We are finally getting a bit of rain this week. I do not know if it will be enough to add much to the city reservoirs, but at least it is helping to keep some of our shrubs and other plants alive. When this drought is over, our town is going to look a lot different: lots of dead plants turned brown and/or being removed or replaced.Residents are supposed to limit their water use to 110 gallons a day. I do not know how big families can do this. Linda and I adapted easily, but our garden is suffering.There is definitely a lot of extreme weather happening all over the world. Humans are going to have to do a lot of adjusting to the new planet.Zoe, our daughter the professional jewelry designer, is in NYC this week for the biggest gift show of the year. 30,000+ store owners and managers descend on the show to place orders for works they will be selling over the next year. She flies there tomorrow (if her flight is not cancelled due to the weather) where it is going to be extremely cold! You can see some of her work here: A lot of porcelain and gold. Very minimalist.She quit her full-time job to do wholesale and retail production of her own lines of jewelry and housewares. So far she is making a go of it. We are astonished and proud and keeping our fingers crossed day and night that it will work for her. She is very happy working in her home/studio. Our son is living in Berkeley by himself. He now has his own office/studio near Shattuck off San Pablo separate from the house he shares with 4 UC women students. He is frugal like no one I know. Lives on almost nothing and saves almost all of his money. He will probably buy property or a house some day in the distant future. I wish he posted more of his creative output. He is a natural musician. I love to listen to the sounds he makes. And he is a very good animator too.I have a feeling I already told you all of the above… at 72 and a half, I frequently feel hints of what I am gently referring to as “pre-senility.”I hope your snow abundance is endurable. best wishes and love to you and your whole family,bob

  2. Fred Smith says:

    That tputter makes such sense by not making sense.

    Thanks again,


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