Drawings – 16

Here we go again with another weekly installment of White Noise drawings from the W.N.W. journals/sketchbooks of the past 50 years. A term that is relatively new to the blog is “Pressage.” It is a term I made up to describe a process I developed in the late 1960s in which I made my own rubber stamps by taking impressions of random textures and embossed symbols using polymer clay. After cooking these blobs of clay they function exactly like rubber stamps. I use multiple stampings to create hallucination fields so I can discover each image.

I will soon be presenting a handmade book I produced that is almost entirely comprised of pressage images. The term appears here in the title of one of the drawings.

To scroll through the drawings, click on any one of the small images below.
Next click on one of the large arrows that will appear on either side of your screen. Click on either arrow and scroll through all 12 images.

About bobcomings

Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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