Drawings – 27 Digital White Noise

This is a very eclectic batch of 11 digital drawings. I apologize if any of them has already appeared in the blog. I keep a checklist, but …

They all deal with “the face” and/or “the figure” in one way or another. I used Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop in combination with a Wacom stylus and tablet.

If you are new to these gallery pages, please know you can explore each gallery by clicking on any of the thumbnail images below, then use the large arrows on the right and left sides of your screen to move around in the gallery.

In the very near future, I will present an update on “The Legacy of Ghost Girl’s Shadow,” (a digital-decalcomania painting in progress).

About bobcomings

Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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2 Responses to Drawings – 27 Digital White Noise

  1. Frederick Smith says:

    Howdy Bob –

    Thanks for the postings.

    I see Web Dog as another Threshold Guardian on the Hero’s Journey.



  2. bobcomings says:

    I may have just passed him. Have now prepared a brand new digital-decalcomania surface/playland! Am already beginning to find and mine the treasure. We are going to print a proof of the current state of “Legacy of Ghost Girl’s Shadow” today or tomorrow. Can/t wait to see it in the physical world. I will be posting an update of it real soon.

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