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Boc Ging, the movie!

Well, I have finally sufficiently swallowed my pride enough to put the one lousy copy of Boc Ging up on YouTube. Compared to the quality of digital videography today, the 1968 film I made with Ben Van Meter in Bolinas, … Continue reading

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Found Surfaces: Another Random Image Resource

Using Found Surfaces as Random Image Source Finding a Random Surface For decades, I have used found surfaces to inspire me. Scraps of old torn wallpaper or advertisements found in a gutter, or the back of a rusty road sign … Continue reading

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Preparing Random Image Sources

Surprise and Discovery My ever-present desire and need for surprise and discovery in every image I create has, over the years, led me to a variety of methods that have helped to guarantee the experience of surprise and a sense … Continue reading

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The Bolinas Balafon

For a change of pace and in keeping with my recent promise, I am today stepping away from the digital decalcomania projects to present some content from the sound experiment and toy-making archives. The Bolinas Balafon lacked any sounding chambers, … Continue reading

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Forest Painting Mangled (decalcomania)

1976 Forest Painting Inspires 2011 Digital Decalcomania The header image for this blog is taken from a painting I did in 1976 of a section of forest immediately to the east of our cabin on Covelo Road in Mendocino County. … Continue reading

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