Selfie in 1962 in Berlin, Germany


Robert Comings Self-Portrait, age 22

This is how I spent most of my weekends during my military service in the 298th U.S. Army Band… walking around the city with a camera, taking lots of photos. I have often thought that the two years I spent doing that was a self-imposed course in composition, to the degree that I would many times take my camera for a walk even when I had no film. Whenever I composed an image and clicked the shutter I was depositing that unique arrangement of shape, value, texture, line, and color in my mental art vault.

I came across this image while putting the finishing touches on the self-published book I am building and thought it would be fun to post it here. Of the 1,000’s of photos I shot during my 3 years in the Army, this is the lone surviving print. No negatives survived.

I found this photo by accident when I was dismantling a framed collage by my late and wonderful friend John Keith Kessel. He had taken it from the “gift room” I maintained for several years to get rid of stuff I no longer wanted. He had used it to stiffen and fill the frame of his collage.


About bobcomings

Visual artist working in wide variety of media and forms including painting, drawing , sculpture, digital drawing and painting, digital animation, and sound exploration for almost 60 years.
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5 Responses to Selfie in 1962 in Berlin, Germany

    • bobcomings says:

      Thanks! Seeing it facilitates an understanding of the ravages of time… I still like to look through a camera and hear the click when I have decided on the composition. With every click I hear, I am back in Berlin, if only for a nanosecond.

  1. K says:

    Very cool Bob! I’m sorry there aren’t any other images left from that time. Such is life, I guess, when we have lived this long. Look forward to your book.

  2. M. Louise Stanley says:

    Love the photo… iconic!


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