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SFMOMA Artist’s Ephemera Blog

I was delighted to be greeted with an email fromĀ Tanya Zimbardo, Assistant Curator of Media Arts, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this morning informing me that the poster I created to announce my 1968 show Ritual at the Unicorn … Continue reading

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Life Is Short

Below is a link to another example of my explorations in frame by frame animation (a 6.4MB QuickTime movie). It will probably take you longer to download than it will to view it. Everything I do in animation is a … Continue reading

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First Bolinas Instrument

Another post from the NFMOA Archives: The First Bolinas Instrument . It came into being out of a real fascination with the ephemeral sound of overtones and a strong desire to explore and listen to them. I started looking around … Continue reading

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The Bolinas Balafon

For a change of pace and in keeping with my recent promise, I am today stepping away from the digital decalcomania projects to present some content from the sound experiment and toy-making archives. The Bolinas Balafon lacked any sounding chambers, … Continue reading

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Totem Repair Shop: detail #2 from work in progress

I am still drawing every day on my first color digital decalcomania project: The Totem Repair Shop. That title had started out as just a working title, but I am growing to like it. It will probably stick. Thanks for … Continue reading

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Om Generator

Bolinas Om Generator In 1967, on one of my almost daily beachcombing walks at Agate Beach near Bolinas, California, I found a piece of very weathered, scarred, and pitted black plastic pipe about 12 feet long. The inside diameter was … Continue reading

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The Hummer

Discovery In the mid-1980’s, I went on an all day field trip with several dozen students and a few fellow teachers to the Oakland Museum. During a break I was walking in the gardens of the Museum chatting with some … Continue reading

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The Bolinas Sound Toy

Description Similar to the African Kalimba, the Bolinas Sound Toy (BST), shown here without mics attached, produces a wonderful polyrhythmic array of twanging, clicking, and ticking sounds by simply pressing down then quickly releasing one or more of its twangers … Continue reading

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